Day Zero Project

This is actually my 3rd one. I lost my second one when my previous blog site lost everything of mine. Therefore, I’m starting a new one. Some of these will be repeats of what was on previous ones, but that is okay. I hope you’ll enjoy this journey with me.

Start Date: January 1, 2016
End Date: September 28, 2018

1. Have at least 3 mini weekend vacations with the family each year (0/9)
2. Take the girls to their first Nationals Dance Competition
3. Watch Addison and Kayliana compete in their first competition together. (1/2016)
4. Purge clothes that do not fit for the family.
5. Get up to date on all printed pictures for the kids
6. Move into our own house (1/2016)
7. Start eating healthier, and maintain that healthy eating habit
8. Drink nothing but water for a month
9. Read 15 non-fiction books (0/15)
10. Read/Finish 50 books in a  year (0/50)
11. Take Kayliana to her 2nd concert
12. Put Tristan in soccer for another season, or another sport of his liking.
13. Get my CDA (4/2016)
14. Put Xander in preschool (1/2016)
15. Get a 5th tattoo
16. Complete my associate’s degree
17. Go on a Disney Cruise
18. Kiss in the Rain
19. Take the kids ice skating
20. Go see a Cirque du Soleil show
21. Visit another beach on the East Coast
22. Go on a Family Picnic
23. Continue to Let My Hair Grow – Not cutting except trimming
24. No Fast Food For a Month
25. Save at least $50 a month in our savings account and do not spend it. (0/$1800)
26. Take the girls to see a movie in the theatre at least twice a year (0/6)
27. Post something on my blog every week (0/156)
28. Get back into photography regularly
29. Visit 2 states I have never been to
30. Visit Maryland/Virginia
31. Do some sort of photo challenge each year
32. Start embracing my naturally curly hair
33. Be Debt Free
34. Lose a few inches off the stomach, hips and thighs
35. Eat at a restaurant I’ve never been to (4/2016) Fulton’s Crabhouse
36. Do Relay For Life each year (0/3)
37. Visit 6 places in Florida that we’ve never been to
38. Finish my book with Willie
39. Don’t Let Anyone Take Advantage of Me
40. Decorate the kids rooms how they want (1/3)
41. Find a way to organize all of my Etsy shop supplies
42. Go to the zoo
43. Go to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium
44. Decorate my own bedroom
45. Re-do our bathrooms
46. Have an alone weekend with the husband
47. See a broadway show
48. Go to the gym regularly – no more than 3 days missed in a row
49. Watch 5 movies older than 10 years old that I’ve never seen before (0/5)
50. Take a new family picture every spring and fall (0/3)
51. Become a foster parent for pet (5/2016)
52. Create photo books for the kids until they are current
53. Take the kids bowling
54. Give Xander his first haircut
55. Visit Family in North Carolina
56. Take The Dogs to the Dog Park regularly
57. Keep my room clean for an entire month
58. Improve the exterior of our home
59. Continue to use essential oils for our health
60. Take the Kids to the Fair
61. Get back to the Dentist
62. Get all the kids to the Dentist
63. Get Willie to go to the Dentist
64. Have a date night with the husband at least 3 times a year (1/9)
65. Take a spontaneous road trip
66. Figure Out What is Wrong With Me (ie: hives, bruising, etc)
67. Do more “natural living”
68. Have the kids write someone in the family a letter every quarter
69. Donate Blood again
70. Whiten teeth
71. Get Contacts or Lasik
72. Take another CPR class (3/2016)
73. Move out of the 1-2yr old classroom and into the 3 or 4yr old classroom
74. Blog about each completed goal
75. Put Xander into a sport.
76. Update the family canvas photos on the wall
77. Teach Addison to ride her bike without training wheels
78. Get a pedicure
79. Complete a 52 week photo project
80. Learn to love my body
81. Create something new each month for my Etsy shop (0/36)
82. Get Tristan into speech therapy
83. Do landscaping in our yard
84. Create a list/post of what I like about myself
85. Watch the sun rise at the beach
86. Cook something each week and give the hubby a break (0/52)
87. Get a new zoom lens for my camera
88. Get a new fixed lens for my camera
89. Organize the pantry, cabinets and fridge
90. Get rid of all carpeting in the house
91. Update shelf/mantle each holiday or season
92. Review each book I read
93. Make 30 sales on Etsy
94. Dress up for Halloween at least once
95. Create a new layout for the blog
96. Do some sort of blog hop challenge
97. Write letters to myself to be read in 5, 10 and 20 years
98. Have the kids do something meaningful for other children in need
99. Don’t drink coffee for an entire month
100. Buy flowers “just because” for the house
101. Repurpose some sort of furniture in our house.


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