A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

For anyone that has known my littlest man, they have known that he refuses to take photos. I haven’t had a good picture of him, a professional one anyway, in nearly 2 years. He’s only going on 4 years old. He hates his photo taken. He is much like his momma apparently!

Today, while out of work for the day, I decided to pull out my camera and bribe my child. I told him he could have a snack and play a game on daddy’s laptop if he would take a picture for me. He didn’t want to wear what I picked out, so we went without whatever he was willing to put on. At this point, I wasn’t trying to be picky. We have no family photos that are recent, and definitely none of the 4 kids together that I can use on my wall either. I was going to go for anything at this point if it meant getting a single picture of him.

These are not great by any means, but they are pretty perfect for a child who has refused to even LOOK at the camera in such a long time. Here is what I managed to get of my little man today! Some show his real personality.






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