PRK Update

So, yesterday, I didn’t do a video or a blog post. Yesterday was my first day back at work. I felt fine for the most part. My contacts were bothering me and my eyes were dry but my vision was pretty clear for the most part. Lastnight though, one of my contact lenses folded over and ended up in the corner of my eye and it came out. I’ve been getting some severe dry eye over night and I think that may have contributed to it coming out.

After the contact fell out, my vision in that eye got a little blurry again but nothing too severe or anything different than I was used to over the past few days. In fact, today, my vision is worst in my left eye again and it is the one with the contact lens still in.

I called the doctor but they haven’t returned my call yet. There is no pain, and there is no major issues that I can tell with the right eye that lost the contact bandage. I figured my eye sight would change from blurry to clear over the next month anyway, so I am not too concerned.

That’s about it for my PRK update. I’ll be doing a new personal post next.


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