Day Zero Update

Now, I have a Day Zero Project that I started. It ends in 2018 but I haven’t been paying much attention to it, so I went through it the other day and was able to take a few things and mark it off as done.

I purged some clothes that didn’t fit the family. Including me and the husband. We have a bit less clothes but still feel like we could purge more. I’d like to lose a little more.

We did put Tristan in soccer for another season, but as mentioned in the past, it didn’t go well and he’s  not the biggest fan of it. Next is bowling.

I got my 5th tattoo over the summer. It is a feather with an awareness ribbon and birds. It’s in honor of my step-dad.

I gave Xander his first haircut. He had curly hair and we pretty much shaved a good chunk of it off. He then found the clippers and cut more of it off and we had to go even shorter.

Get contacts or Lasik was on there. I forgot that it was even on there to be honest, so hello Lasik!

Moving out of the baby room and into an older kids classroom… check with my new VPK Lead position.

Get a pedicure. I actually did that on Monday with a friend of mine. It’s been awhile since I’ve had one.

Get a new zoom lens and get a new prime lens for my camera. I actually just did this too and they arrive on Friday. I’m hoping to get back into photography more again.

Get rid of all carpeting in the house. We did that back in September.The girls went from carpet to tile flooring.

That is it. Now I’ve looked over it and there are some things on there that just wont happen, like things with my Etsy shop, as I have no intentions of getting back into that any time soon.

That sums up the most recent things.


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