PRK Day 4

PRK Day 4 – January 1, 2017

I’m going to apologize right now before moving forward for any spelling errors. Computer screen is incredibly blurry, but I want to get a few things down before  I forget.

The blurring today is annoying as hell. I cant really see any words on anything. While my distance vision is better than it was before I got PRK without my glasses, my close up vision is practically non-existent.

I am taking the pain meds the past 2 days. The stinging and burning is at its highest this morning. The light sensitivity is also at an all time high so far. I’m wearing sunglasses even in my darkest room. It is as though you are looking at the sun and your eyes water because of the brightness. I’m really hoping that this is the worst of it because I can’t imagine working like this in just 2 days. I may very well be working in the dark in my classroom on Tuesday! I’m so over these contact bandages too. So over it! I do not get them out until Saturday though, so that annoyance is going to be here for almost another full week.

Today, I’m just laying in bed with my sunglasses and listening to an audiobook – and if you know me, you know I can’t stand audio books. I’d much rather read the book than listen to it. But, I guess whatever keeps me from losing my mind. Cleaning my house isn’t an option unfortunately.Even the husband had to mop the floor thismorning since I couldn’t see anything. Keeping my fingers crossed that later this evening my vision increases. I will probably post an update tomorrow about how this evening went though.


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