PRK Day 3

Day 3 – December 31, 2016

Day 3 I woke up around 6am with my right eye sort of sealed shut. I had some stinging and burning in my eyes as well. It was the first time I took pain meds. Not a ton of pain but stinging and burning in your eyes never feels good.

By Noon, I could tell that the burning and stinging would be something I would deal with for the day. I definitely needed to rest my eyes more on day 3 than I did on day 2. Lots of re-wetting drops for me today, as dryness is still proving to be a problem. I ended up napping for a few hours too. Light sensitivity increased this day.

Vision IS blurrier today, which would have concerned me if I wasn’t informed that it would get worse first and then better again. My right eye that was 20/20 the day prior is no where near that today.

My husband asked me “what kind of blurry.” I described it as though your glasses were streaky and dirty and it had that foggy feel to it and you couldn’t see well. I think that would be accurate. I’m hoping for a less blurry day tomorrow though. I return to work in 2 days so I really want better vision in the next 2 days since napping and resting my eyes isn’t much of an option.

At 7pm, vision still hadn’t improved through out the day. Hoping tomorrow there is more clarity.

Day 3 of no glasses (and no makeup)




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