PRK Day 2

Day 2 – December 30, 2016

Day 2 went ok for the most part. I had times of clarity and times of blurriness. As the day went by, my eyesight got a little blurrier. We were out when it started getting dark and night vision was definitely a problem for me.

As of Day 2, still no pain. Just that dry and irritating feeling of something in your eye, and well, since I technically DO have a contact lens over my eye, it could simply be just that, but I wont really know until it is out. I noticed that when my vision was blurry, I had to slightly squint and try to make my eyes focus.

I had my first check up. They said that they were healing nicely and even a little quicker than they thought they would. They tested my eyes and my right eye was 20/20 and my left eye was 20/50. That’s of course, with my vision being as sharp as it has been. I was told that its possible my eyesight will get worse before it starts getting better again, but that once my contact lens is out my vision will get much clearer.

Night time my eyes were not as clear as they were during the day, and distance vision was a problem for me. The computer screen is my toughest, so, aside from the blog posts, I haven’t been on the computer.


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