Hello PRK!

Yesterday, Thursday, December 29th, I ended up getting PRK. You guys know this as LASIK. This is pretty much the same routine, it’s just done slightly differently, but the results in the end are the same. I want to use my blog to help others that may be going and getting this done. The healing process is different for PRK than it is with LASIK and PRK’s healing time is longer.

The Day of Surgery: I was extremely nervous. My nerves started the night before, but surprisingly, I didn’t have any anxiety or panic attacks before the surgery. They gave me a 5mg valium, which was definitely needed. I took that and about 15 minutes later, we were beginning the surgery. You wear your nifty shoe slippers and hair hat HAH. You lay down and they have your knees slightly bent and your head in a pillow like hole. They numb your eyes (and they put a lot of those eye drops in) and give your eyes time to numb. They put those tong like things under your eyes to keep them open and begin the process. My husband watched the entire thing, and I watched videos before the surgery (which I don’t recommend.) But, if you are like me, and you looked at videos, please have some solace in that the process of getting it done isn’t nearly as bad as it looks in video. I can only describe it as “weird.” Sure, you can see some things, and you can feel some pressure but no pain. Honestly, the worst part for me was when they flooded me with I guess ice cold eye solution. It was very cold and unexpected. Each eye was less than a few minutes each and that is the entire process, not just the laser part.  For anyone wondering, I went to the Lasik Institute in Fort Myers, FL. I liked the place, and it was recommended by a few people I knew that had Lasik done.

Once I was done, I got up, and could already see a bit clearer. Vision was still a bit blurry, which I expected. They made sure the bandage contact was in place and said everything went well and sent me on my way with my prescribed medications, and my old lady sunglasses. I get home and rest my eyes and even slept a little. Any words moved while reading and the vision was still blurry. I did wake up a few times overnight and when I opened my eyes, I had a split second of a burning pain, like a scratch or cut in the eye, but that went away shortly after I opened my eyes.

Day 1 soon to come!

Don’t laugh – absolutely no makeup and nothing done with my hair except braids down each side to make sure it wasn’t in the way. Last day of wearing glasses.




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