Oh, I have a Blog!

Sooooo… yeah! I knew I had a blog. Don’t worry. But, I stopped blogging. It became difficult to keep up, but now, I need a place to vent, a place to say what is on my mind. I’ve been trying to keep things inside and it’s building up and I don’t want to explode, so I need some place to say what is on my mind before I actually explode.

I will slowly do this though and wont explode in a single post.

A few things have changed though. My girls are still dancing competitively. We tried Tristan in soccer again and he doesn’t like it, which showed because he wasn’t very good at it to be honest. So, we’re trying him in bowling in January.

I started the rescue, and well, now I’m closing it down, but it is a long story, and I will go into detail a bit later.

I’m still a preschool teacher, but no longer working in the baby room. I’m now a lead VPK teacher – which stands for voluntary pre-kindergarten.

That’s about it for any major changes though. Will post more details later!


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