About That….

So, about that blogging thing. I know, it’s been a really long time. New Years in fact! Wow. Life has been crazy busy lately and I haven’t even thought about blogging. I should probably give some sort of update.

Lets work on the Day Zero Project. Here are a few things that I have completed since January.

  • Take another CPR Class – I completed this in March.
  • Become a foster parent for a pet – I officially became a foster parent just within the past month, but I’ve done something even better. I’ve rescued 5 dogs on my own.
  • Eat at restaurant I’ve never been to – I went to Fulton’s Crabhouse while the girls were performing at Disney Springs in April.
  • Put Xander in preschool – He started preschool in January.
  • Get my CDA – I completed this in April
  • Move into our own house – We moved into our own house in mid-January.
  • Watch A & K do a dance competition together – We watched them compete together for the first time in January. They are great, and we’ve loved every competition and performance since then.

Now onto other things. I’ve formed my own animal rescue. I’ve applied for everything I’ve needed to in order to be official, and I’m just waiting to hear back from the IRS. It is called Hope Canine Rescue. Find us on Facebook! We are a foster based rescue, which means we rely on fosters in order to save the lives of animals.

Dance season is almost over. They have recital in June and then they work on intensive and start practicing in July for next dance season. Both girls will have solos in 2017.

Right now, I’m still in the Toddler Room at work. I am the lead teacher for the one year olds. Our classroom was split up. My old co-teacher was let go, and now I’m working with a fabulous girl who is the lead teacher of the two year olds. I am told that I will be a VPK assistant teacher come the Fall though. We will see how that goes.

Really, not much else is going on. Just a lot of rescuing animals, dance competitions and work.
I figured that I would give a small update though. So, that is that.


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