First Gym Meet of the Season

K had her first gym meet of the season on Saturday, the 12th. She did really well on the 3 events, but when it came to bars, she fell in the beginning and it just went downhill from there. When practicing for bars, she did great, but messed up on the actual competition part. Bummer for her, but she did well on the other 3 events. I’m going to break this down into 2 different posts, by the way. One for pictures and the other for videos.

We were up against one of the hardest teams in the state. They break it down into age groups, and K got stuck with all of the girls on this other team. They had like 13 people on their team in that age group. We’ve competed against them before and it seems that they can’t get anything lower than a 9.5 at any competition. Very hard team to beat. I think she did really well though! The floor judges were really hard, and scored all the girls on a rather low scale. I was surprised at some of the results from the floor and those judges.

Here are pictures of her practicing before some of the events and of course, ones at the end of the competitions. She ended up with 10th overall in her age group, which is not great, but not terrible either when 8 out of the 11 girls that were up there were of the one difficult team to beat. She’s the one in the dark blue on the beam in the first picture by the way (handstand).










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