I’m A Dance Mom

Well, I already was a dance mom, but now, I’m not only a dance mom to ONE child, I’m a dance mom to TWO children. A was already on the competition team last year, and moved up a level this year in the competition world. This year, K decided she wanted to join. So, I will have 2 girls attending competitions and they are on the same team. K has never done tap before though, so she will not be competing in Tap unless she can catch up very quickly. She’ll be taking a beginner tap class, plus the 10+ tap class and later, she’ll add on the competition tap class. Of course, A will be competing in all things.

This year, it looks like things will be crazy busy. T wants to join soccer this fall and K will start another year of competition for gymnastics. Once 2016 rolls around, dance competition season will be in. There’s a good chance we might see New York or travel elsewhere mid next year for nationals.

On another note…. I’m quitting the home daycare. I’m certainly not making enough to cover all of these dance and gymnastics fees on what I currently have. It’s time to move onto a full time job. It will be good for me though. I think having my work and my home in the same place was making me a little crazy and stressed out. It will be good for my work life and home life to be separate again. I’m still going after the Early Childhood Education degree while I work, but I’m definitely looking forward to being a preschool teacher in the future and keeping the kids (outside of my own) out of my home.


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