Another Broken Finger

In August of 2013, K broke her finger. She broke it after slipping on her bunk bed steps and landing on her hand in the wrong way. It was her pinky on her left hand.

Fast forward to Friday, May 15th….. K was at gymnastics and we got a call around 8pm (about an hour before she was supposed to be out of training for the night) stating that she had hurt herself. They gave her 15 minutes of ice and said they would call us back. Turns out, it swelled more and they wanted us to come and get her. When I got there, her finger was pretty swollen. It was her middle finger on her right hand. We ended up at ER where we were told that it was indeed broken. They put a splint on it and sent us on our way.

We ended up at the orthopedic on Monday, and they informed us that it looks like she had previously broken it, it started to heal, and then re-broke it. Well, a few weeks ago, she complained about her finger. It was swollen, and we sent her to the doctors and they sent us to go get an X-ray. We were told that it wasn’t broken, that she must have just “jammed” it. It looks as though they “missed” the break the first time around, which probably resulted in a much harder break when she was at gymnastics.

She’s in a cast now, a bright green one that encloses her pointer and middle finger and goes up her forearm almost to her elbow. She’s doing okay. She’s still doing dance, and when she goes to gymnastics, she does core workouts and works out her legs so that she continues to not lose any strength over the course of her time in the cast. Of course, she’ll have extra work to do on her arms later, but she has plenty of time to fully recover before the competition season in September.


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