I Did It Again

Yes, I forgot to do some of my Better Me Challenges. Things got a bit difficult, I got the stomach bug, my daughter got the stomach bug. It was a mess. I’m going to skip the pictures of my day because I feel like that is almost impossible to capture. Here’s the few days that I missed however.

My Friends:
Sadly, I don’t really have any “friends” anymore. Of course, my best friend lives in MD but we don’t really speak often even though any time one of us visits, it always feels like we never left. It’s never awkward and it feels completely normal. Here where I currently live, I don’t have anyone I hang out with on a regular basis. I have a few people I would consider acquaintances though. I hang out with them every now and then. I consider them my “mom friends”. I met them through mom groups, and then I have the daycare moms, and the mom that has a daughter that used to dance with A, that used to be T’s teacher. I love them all though, and can talk about different things with each of them.

My Husband:
He’s my world. I would do anything for him. He’s been there for me through thick and thin. Over the past *almost* 17 years, we’ve been through so much together. We’ve been on the verge of divorce, we’ve been distant, we’ve had our fights… all of it brought us closer together. Now, we’re closer than ever, we hardy ever fight and he’s my very best friend.

Something Positive:
I’m getting closer and closer to my degree. I always wanted to finish college and get a degree for myself. It was a milestone and an accomplishment that I wanted to achieve. Not because it was expected of me, but because I seriously wanted it. I know that a lot of people look at me as just a stay at home who will never get a job outside of the home again. I want to prove that I will not be like that. I want to prove that I really can be a great mom and do something with my life after they’ve all gone off to school full time. I’m proud of myself that I’ve managed to get good grades my first semester back. Now, I only have about 3 or 4 semesters to complete before I get my associates degree. It’s actually becoming a reality for me.


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