10 on Tuesday






  1. Little man is doing well with potty training. He’s not perfect, but we’ve had some successes. He just turned 2 so I think it’s good progress.
  2. I’m still sick, and I haven’t been to the gym in awhile. I’ve just been too sick for that.
  3. We got rid of one of our dogs. He chewed 2 carpets and just got into everything. He was crated a lot because of it since I couldn’t watch him and up to 8 kids at a time. I felt bad about it, but it was better for him.
  4. I have really bad cystic acne right now. It’s awful. I can’t get rid of it no matter what I do and it’s scarring up my face some sort of badly.
  5. I have no tv shows on right now and I’m getting a little bored at night with nothing to do or watch.
  6. School is back in as of last week. I struggled to take care of the first week, but I did it. I don’t think I’m going to get a 4.0 this semester.
  7. Ending the home daycare may come sooner than I had anticipated. I’m going to have to intern and get in-service hours before getting my degree. I might be looking at Fall 2016 being the year I’m going to have to do that.
  8. Being sick royally sucks. I went without getting sick while everyone else was, and now, somehow, I’m the one getting everyone else sick.
  9. Just one more month until I get a mini weekend vacation
  10. This week is going to be really tough for me daycare wise. With me being sick, having kids long hours and everything else… well, it is just going to be very stressful.

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