What I’m Reading

Thief by CL Stone is another series from “The Academy.” It’s not related to The Ghost Bird series by CL Stone with is also a series from “The Academy.”  The Thief is actually called “The Scarab Beetle” series. It is the first book in this particular series.

It’s about a girl named Kayli who lives with her father and brother in a hotel room. Her father is an alcoholic and abusive. He doesn’t work, so Kayli finds herself pick pocketing to steal money from others wallets. During one of her thief moments, she runs into a few boys from the Academy. They eventually take her under their wings and ask for her help. Once she helps them, she finds herself in trouble, and its up to the guys that put her in this situation to protect her.

So far, I’m liking it. I’m finding it an easy read and I’m sort of going through it pretty quickly. There are a few spelling errors that I’ve noticed. They tend to mix up the spelling of her name on more than one occasion, so the proofreading prior to publishing could have been a bit better. The storytelling and character development is done well. It seems to be a pretty fast paced book, so I’m enjoying the easy read. I’m about 50% into it, but hopefully when I’m done, I’ll be able to do a full review of it.


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