Here is Day 5 of my Better Me Challenge. I’m aware that I’m a day late for this one. With work and moms night out, I didn’t have time to blog. Day 5 is supposed to be about an accomplishment.

For me, my accomplishment would be having a loving family of my own. My kids, while they fight like typical kids, they are always there to back each other up. We have taught them to respect each other and love each other. They are all close in age for the most part so I am hoping that they will be closer because of it. My siblings were always so far apart in age, so I’m really hoping that them being closer in age will bring them closer together in the end.

They know what it is like to grow up with two loving parents, who are very unlikely to split up. They see my husband and I hug and kiss each other goodbye. We all give hugs before anyone leaves and we always hug each other and say I love you when it comes to bed time. They will never grow up not having the affection that a child needs from their parent.


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