A Memory From the Past

Per my Better Me Challenge I’m to write about a memory from my past. My other blog mentioned my proposal, but I want to do something a little different this time since my past readers likely already read it and may want to hear something new.

This time, I’ll walk down memory lane towards the time I met my husband.

PHShall1Yes, that is indeed an actual scanned photo back from the late 90’s.

I met my husband back in 1998 at a mutual friends birthday party. I remember the party was in a garage and my husband had lived across the street. He kept trying to talk to me and I just wasn’t interested in chatting with a boy I had never met before and he just wasn’t my type. I liked the bad boy types. He…well, he was just nerdy. Hah! He had those big glasses on and his hair was some sort of crazy spiked up mess. He kept continiuing to talk to me and I would answer with very short questions. I wasn’t trying to be mean or anything, but I am shy too, and was WAY worse back then. I am positive that my friend was trying to set us up but I just didn’t have any interest, and the fact that I was sure she was trying to get us to date made me that much more uncomfortable. Then again, I barely talked to anyone while I was there. I walked away that day never really expecting to get to know him further. We talked on the phone a few times and I really enjoyed talking to him on the phone, but it was just a “friend” type of thing. I did date him for a weekend, but then decided I’d break up with him on Monday. I even had my mom tell him I was in the shower when he called because I wanted to avoid him. I was so mean!

Fast forward to a few months later in July of 1998 and I was staying at the same friends house for a few days. I did that a lot in the summer, stay at a friends house for days at a time. Anyway, he ended up coming over and it was like a completely different situation. He had shaved his head (have I mentioned I prefer shaved heads?) and it was far easier to talk to him. I thought he had given up on me since he didn’t really seem interested. I kept trying though, and we flirted a little. Heck, he even pulled my hair out by trying to pull a pillow up from under my head. Funny how you remember even the small details right? Well, I want to say a day or two into staying with my friend and I had told her that I was interested in him. She ended up calling him right away, even though I told her no. She asked if he liked me as more than a friend and it was from that point forward that we were dating. There’s been no turning back since.




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