Where I Left Off – Better Me Challenge

When my blog went down and then disappeared, I was attempting to do a 30 day “Better Me Challenge.” It was basically a way to put positivity into my life. I added ways to do things with my kids to be a better mom, and of course things for my husband to be a better wife. It’s been 3 weeks, and while I was doing the stuff with the kids and things for the husband, the blogging was put to a halt. So, instead of starting all over with the entire thing, I’m just going to have a blogging challenge instead. I think I only got a week in of blogging on my old blog before the entire thing went down. I’ll have to repeat myself I’m sure, but it’s a good way to get this new blog going, in my opinion. Here’s the original challenge and the blog posts that will accompany it. I will start with Day 1 being today, with Monday being the “new week.” I apologize in advance if you read the previous posts from the other blog.



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