PRK 1 Month Update

It’s been about a month since I had my PRK done. I can say that at this point, my vision is about the same that it was when I was wearing glasses. I’m no longer have any major issues. The clearness of a computer was such a slow change that I didn’t even notice that it was perfect one day. My vision used to be blurry in the morning, but it’s not like that anymore.

The sensitivity to light is something that sticks around, so I’ve always got sunglasses with me.

I’m happy with my vision though and am content with the results at this moment. I definitely do not regret my decision to get it done.

So, if you are in week 2 and still feeling disappointed, don’t be! The 2nd two weeks are much easier and things get better quickly from there.


A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

For anyone that has known my littlest man, they have known that he refuses to take photos. I haven’t had a good picture of him, a professional one anyway, in nearly 2 years. He’s only going on 4 years old. He hates his photo taken. He is much like his momma apparently!

Today, while out of work for the day, I decided to pull out my camera and bribe my child. I told him he could have a snack and play a game on daddy’s laptop if he would take a picture for me. He didn’t want to wear what I picked out, so we went without whatever he was willing to put on. At this point, I wasn’t trying to be picky. We have no family photos that are recent, and definitely none of the 4 kids together that I can use on my wall either. I was going to go for anything at this point if it meant getting a single picture of him.

These are not great by any means, but they are pretty perfect for a child who has refused to even LOOK at the camera in such a long time. Here is what I managed to get of my little man today! Some show his real personality.





Day Zero Update

Now, I have a Day Zero Project that I started. It ends in 2018 but I haven’t been paying much attention to it, so I went through it the other day and was able to take a few things and mark it off as done.

I purged some clothes that didn’t fit the family. Including me and the husband. We have a bit less clothes but still feel like we could purge more. I’d like to lose a little more.

We did put Tristan in soccer for another season, but as mentioned in the past, it didn’t go well and he’s  not the biggest fan of it. Next is bowling.

I got my 5th tattoo over the summer. It is a feather with an awareness ribbon and birds. It’s in honor of my step-dad.

I gave Xander his first haircut. He had curly hair and we pretty much shaved a good chunk of it off. He then found the clippers and cut more of it off and we had to go even shorter.

Get contacts or Lasik was on there. I forgot that it was even on there to be honest, so hello Lasik!

Moving out of the baby room and into an older kids classroom… check with my new VPK Lead position.

Get a pedicure. I actually did that on Monday with a friend of mine. It’s been awhile since I’ve had one.

Get a new zoom lens and get a new prime lens for my camera. I actually just did this too and they arrive on Friday. I’m hoping to get back into photography more again.

Get rid of all carpeting in the house. We did that back in September.The girls went from carpet to tile flooring.

That is it. Now I’ve looked over it and there are some things on there that just wont happen, like things with my Etsy shop, as I have no intentions of getting back into that any time soon.

That sums up the most recent things.

PRK Update

So, yesterday, I didn’t do a video or a blog post. Yesterday was my first day back at work. I felt fine for the most part. My contacts were bothering me and my eyes were dry but my vision was pretty clear for the most part. Lastnight though, one of my contact lenses folded over and ended up in the corner of my eye and it came out. I’ve been getting some severe dry eye over night and I think that may have contributed to it coming out.

After the contact fell out, my vision in that eye got a little blurry again but nothing too severe or anything different than I was used to over the past few days. In fact, today, my vision is worst in my left eye again and it is the one with the contact lens still in.

I called the doctor but they haven’t returned my call yet. There is no pain, and there is no major issues that I can tell with the right eye that lost the contact bandage. I figured my eye sight would change from blurry to clear over the next month anyway, so I am not too concerned.

That’s about it for my PRK update. I’ll be doing a new personal post next.

PRK Day 4

PRK Day 4 – January 1, 2017

I’m going to apologize right now before moving forward for any spelling errors. Computer screen is incredibly blurry, but I want to get a few things down before  I forget.

The blurring today is annoying as hell. I cant really see any words on anything. While my distance vision is better than it was before I got PRK without my glasses, my close up vision is practically non-existent.

I am taking the pain meds the past 2 days. The stinging and burning is at its highest this morning. The light sensitivity is also at an all time high so far. I’m wearing sunglasses even in my darkest room. It is as though you are looking at the sun and your eyes water because of the brightness. I’m really hoping that this is the worst of it because I can’t imagine working like this in just 2 days. I may very well be working in the dark in my classroom on Tuesday! I’m so over these contact bandages too. So over it! I do not get them out until Saturday though, so that annoyance is going to be here for almost another full week.

Today, I’m just laying in bed with my sunglasses and listening to an audiobook – and if you know me, you know I can’t stand audio books. I’d much rather read the book than listen to it. But, I guess whatever keeps me from losing my mind. Cleaning my house isn’t an option unfortunately.Even the husband had to mop the floor thismorning since I couldn’t see anything. Keeping my fingers crossed that later this evening my vision increases. I will probably post an update tomorrow about how this evening went though.

PRK Day 3

Day 3 – December 31, 2016

Day 3 I woke up around 6am with my right eye sort of sealed shut. I had some stinging and burning in my eyes as well. It was the first time I took pain meds. Not a ton of pain but stinging and burning in your eyes never feels good.

By Noon, I could tell that the burning and stinging would be something I would deal with for the day. I definitely needed to rest my eyes more on day 3 than I did on day 2. Lots of re-wetting drops for me today, as dryness is still proving to be a problem. I ended up napping for a few hours too. Light sensitivity increased this day.

Vision IS blurrier today, which would have concerned me if I wasn’t informed that it would get worse first and then better again. My right eye that was 20/20 the day prior is no where near that today.

My husband asked me “what kind of blurry.” I described it as though your glasses were streaky and dirty and it had that foggy feel to it and you couldn’t see well. I think that would be accurate. I’m hoping for a less blurry day tomorrow though. I return to work in 2 days so I really want better vision in the next 2 days since napping and resting my eyes isn’t much of an option.

At 7pm, vision still hadn’t improved through out the day. Hoping tomorrow there is more clarity.

Day 3 of no glasses (and no makeup)



PRK Day 2

Day 2 – December 30, 2016

Day 2 went ok for the most part. I had times of clarity and times of blurriness. As the day went by, my eyesight got a little blurrier. We were out when it started getting dark and night vision was definitely a problem for me.

As of Day 2, still no pain. Just that dry and irritating feeling of something in your eye, and well, since I technically DO have a contact lens over my eye, it could simply be just that, but I wont really know until it is out. I noticed that when my vision was blurry, I had to slightly squint and try to make my eyes focus.

I had my first check up. They said that they were healing nicely and even a little quicker than they thought they would. They tested my eyes and my right eye was 20/20 and my left eye was 20/50. That’s of course, with my vision being as sharp as it has been. I was told that its possible my eyesight will get worse before it starts getting better again, but that once my contact lens is out my vision will get much clearer.

Night time my eyes were not as clear as they were during the day, and distance vision was a problem for me. The computer screen is my toughest, so, aside from the blog posts, I haven’t been on the computer.

Hello PRK!

Yesterday, Thursday, December 29th, I ended up getting PRK. You guys know this as LASIK. This is pretty much the same routine, it’s just done slightly differently, but the results in the end are the same. I want to use my blog to help others that may be going and getting this done. The healing process is different for PRK than it is with LASIK and PRK’s healing time is longer.

The Day of Surgery: I was extremely nervous. My nerves started the night before, but surprisingly, I didn’t have any anxiety or panic attacks before the surgery. They gave me a 5mg valium, which was definitely needed. I took that and about 15 minutes later, we were beginning the surgery. You wear your nifty shoe slippers and hair hat HAH. You lay down and they have your knees slightly bent and your head in a pillow like hole. They numb your eyes (and they put a lot of those eye drops in) and give your eyes time to numb. They put those tong like things under your eyes to keep them open and begin the process. My husband watched the entire thing, and I watched videos before the surgery (which I don’t recommend.) But, if you are like me, and you looked at videos, please have some solace in that the process of getting it done isn’t nearly as bad as it looks in video. I can only describe it as “weird.” Sure, you can see some things, and you can feel some pressure but no pain. Honestly, the worst part for me was when they flooded me with I guess ice cold eye solution. It was very cold and unexpected. Each eye was less than a few minutes each and that is the entire process, not just the laser part.  For anyone wondering, I went to the Lasik Institute in Fort Myers, FL. I liked the place, and it was recommended by a few people I knew that had Lasik done.

Once I was done, I got up, and could already see a bit clearer. Vision was still a bit blurry, which I expected. They made sure the bandage contact was in place and said everything went well and sent me on my way with my prescribed medications, and my old lady sunglasses. I get home and rest my eyes and even slept a little. Any words moved while reading and the vision was still blurry. I did wake up a few times overnight and when I opened my eyes, I had a split second of a burning pain, like a scratch or cut in the eye, but that went away shortly after I opened my eyes.

Day 1 soon to come!

Don’t laugh – absolutely no makeup and nothing done with my hair except braids down each side to make sure it wasn’t in the way. Last day of wearing glasses.